Welcome to my blog! My name is Maria Losee and I’m an independent literacy consultant. I specialize in professional development and coaching for K-12 ELA and content teachers, as well as school and district leaders. I provide onsite professional development sessions as well as in classroom coaching. In classroom work includes work like modeling demonstration lessons, coaching teachers side-by-side while teaching, and helping leaders analyze the current state of practice through the nonjudgemental walkthrough process. It’s my purpose on this site to invite teachers and literacy leaders into lively and meaningful conversation around authentic practices in K-12 literacy. As a literacy consultant that travels to schools across the United States, I hope to provide resources and information that educators find relevant and practical in their work with readers and writers. I’m also hoping that you will comment on the blog and share your insights as a way to collaborate virtually. You can contact me at this email address: marialosee@gmail.com or via my professional facebook page: Lifetime Literacy Consulting